I practice photography because I believe that photography is one of the most beautiful and useful things that I can do as a human being. Photography has two main uses, both as an indexical medium, and as a an emotional medium. Photography’s usefulness exists in its ability to record, but its power, its worth and its beauty, exists in its ability to elicit emotion. This doesn’t seem like a piece of revolutionary art philosophy, but it is important to note when the current development of photographic technology exists mostly to take more photographs quicker. This climate of more photos quicker, erodes the power of photography by creating albums that people never look at, and photos that people never print, reducing photography to a purely indexical status. Time is one of photography’s greatest assets, and now more than ever there is a need to slow down and think before taking a photograph, and approach the creation of a photo with the same care and thought that goes into the concept of the image.